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Education is the key for success. Advanced communication and information technologies have opened boundaries for education, be it online education or regular education courses. With millions of commercial websites, it is a difficult task to find relevant information in the field of education. This website provides you information directly "TO THE POINT". Our aim is to leverage ?information and communication technology? to break boundaries and propagate education by providing useful information. Here you will find information for education, scholarships, and government grants for students, courses etc. You can find details like::
Details on education system in United States. Find Courses and colleges. Whether you are planning for master degree or for online graduate degree or for high school diploma, see how to find right institution? What factors to consider when selecting an institution for study in United States? You have ample opportunities for study in United States. Find complete details,Courses, eligibility requirements,scholarships, student loans, student visa for US.....21 steps for admission into United States?
Study in United States

Study in United Kingdom

Why study in United Kingdom? Education in United Kingdom is less expensive than other comparable countries?.Study options, courses and eligibility criteria, list of universities in UK. Minimum qualification requirements for courses in United Kingdom, PhD scholarships, find details on UCAS new tariff system, Medical benefits and cost of study, scholarships, grants and student loans for study in United Kingdom.....?

Study in Australia

Education benefits and education system in Australia. Alphabetical list of universities in Australia, how to choose right college, Courses for study in Australia? How, when and where to apply? Education cost, admission process in Australian universities. List of scholarships, student loans and grants for international students for study in Australia. Student visa for Australia.....

Education in India

Details of Indian education system, List of recognized Indian universities by UGC, Courses available for international students, How Medical courses in Indian colleges can save you money? Online education and open universities in India. List of scholarships and student loans, Info for international students.....and enjoy engineering and medical education in India with spicy Indian recipes?

Education in Germany

Why it is a preferred destination? About DAAD, and how to get right information? Cost of study in Germany..... , When where and how to apply?

Few sample question papers for GRE, practice, USMLE step 3 resident revision?


Articles from students and some practical tips....Where to look for scholarships? Working on F1 visa?Student loan and student loan consolidations?Read article of the month...Send your article and share your experience and some practical tips....Where to look for scholarships? Working on F1 visa?Student loan and student loan consolidations?Read article of the month...Send your article and share your experience and some practical tips....Where to look for scholarships? Working on F1 visa?Student loan and student loan consolidations?Read article of the month...Send your article and share your experience?.

"" Student forum: A dedicated forum to discuss all aspects of higher education. Colleges and your opinion, student visa FAQs?.

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UNESCO List of recognized universities by country..

Education benefits of 'study in United States':
1.      High quality of life and very open society: You very soon feel like in home.
2.      World class quality education: US universities and colleges constantly rank very high in world rankings. Stanford University, Harvard, Yale, 
         MIT, John Hopkins etc. are a few to name. US degrees and certificates are recognized worldwide.
3.      Variety and options: Simply if you can perceive it, you can find an institution in United States to study about it.
4.      The use of advance technologies for studies, well balanced with practical training, highly competitive environment will transform you into a 
         person with your true potential.
Though cost of study in United states is slightly higher when you compare to some other nations, but at the same time there are many scholarships and grants, possibility of earning while learning are also available for talented students.
Education benefits of study in United Kingdom:
1.     Time is money. Imagine the benefits of completing master's degrees and MBAs at UK universities in one year compared to two in most other
        countries. For same quality education you only have to pay tuition fees for one year and you can enter the  employment market sooner. 
2.     Most of the universities have ?no application fee?.
3.     United Kingdom's postgraduate qualification is reputed and valued all over the world.
4.     Plenty of options for earning while learning, meaning you can reduce financial stresses when study in United Kingdom.
5.     Comparatively less cost of studies. In fact some of the postgraduate courses offered are cheaper than studies in countries like India. Surprised!
6.     Medical assistance is free. Overall medical cost is significantly lower when compared to Australia or United States.
7.     No GRE, GAMT, SAT requirements! But IELTS or TOFEL score is needed.
Once you are in United Kingdom, we are sure; you would yourself add few more qualifying reasons for study in United Kingdom.
Education benefits of study in Australia:
1.      Comparatively low cost of education: Living expenses are less compared to United States and United Kingdom.
2.      Most important, government support and protection: International students enjoy service and financial protection backed by legislation and 
         regulations that governs international education sector.
3.      An extensive range of study options are available.
4.      Australian government and local agencies provide extensive network of support and information to help students in all aspects of their stay
         and study in Australia.
5.      Safe and open society: Australia has multi-cultural society and is a very safe country.
6.      Possibilities of earning while learning: International students can apply for permission to work that enables them to work up to 20 hours a 
         week on casual basis. It allows working full time during vacation periods.
No wonder why Australia is one of the preferred destinations for students. More than 250,000 students from 195 countries chose to study in Australia.
Education benefits of education in India:
1.      India has second largest higher education facilities in world. There are 342 Universities and 17625 colleges in India offering wide range of 
         courses. That gives more options based on ones interest and qualifications for higher education in India.
2.      Indian institutes offer quality education. The professionals trained in Indian educational institutions are recognized all over the world.
3.      The medium of education in India is primarily English, particularly for professional and technical courses.
4.      Indian institutes offer quality education at a very low cost compared to some developed countries.
Well, one of the most important factors to choose India for studies is that Indian people warmly welcomes talented people from around the world.
There are many more reasons why you should choose India for higher education.
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