Converting from F1 to H1: By Harish

**The following information provided is based on purely personal views and experiences at Toronto Consulate. I would recommend you to go through the Brochure before filling any forms; I may have missed some important information to include in this document.

Day before the interview:

Make sure u have yr DS-156,157,158 Filled and a photograph with the specified dimensions (2x2inches) glued to the DS-156.

There are many Scotia Bank branches in Toronto, so look for the one nearest to u in the net so that u can go there early in the morning. Make sure the opening time of the branch is not late.

Don?t drink a lot night before!!

Have these docs ready with you-

  1. Letter from the employer.

  1. Initial Offer letter from the employer.

  1. Recent pay stubs.

  1. W2 forms (If u have that?s good)

  1. Bank statements (where it shows the direct deposits).

  1. I-797

  1. Yr H1 Documentation.

  1. All yr Original Certificates.

  1. Passport

On the day of the appointment:

Go to the SCOTIA BANK and deposit $100.

؏n your appointment sheet u will have a TIME given. But at the consulate they follow a first-come-first-serve procedure. For Ex: If yr appointment is at 10:00am and if u stand in line at 9am its perfectly fine they will let u in. So its recommendable to reach the consulate as early as possible, or else u will end up waiting in the line for long time.

ؙou have to deposit $100(as of MARCH 2006) at SCOTIA BANK only in Toronto, and need to retain the 3 receipts with you, of which u would submit 1 receipt at the consulate.

؃ellular phones are not allowed inside the Consulate, LEAVE YR CELLPHONES AT THE HOTEL, or else you will end up going back to the hotel!!, that?s what happened to us, fortunately our hotel was at a walk-able distance.

Procedure at the Consulate:-

ؔypically u would stand in a line outside the consulate, at the BACK SIDE of the consulate. There would be screening and no electronic devices are allowed, so no laptops etc. I forgot to take the mouse frm my laptop bag and the beeper went off, and they created quite a scene for that!!

؁fter entering you would go to a counter where u will submit yr PASSPORT,

DS 156,157,158, I-797 forms and the bank receipt. You would be told to wait.

ؔhen you would be called at a counter probably after 1hr or so, yr finger prints would be taken, and then told to wait again.

ؔhen after some time 30min-1hr yr name will be called and that would be the interview with the counselor. He may ask abt yr company, yr position, yr pay stubs etc.

؁fter that he will tell u to pay $50 visa issuance fee, which can be paid by Credit card or cash. You will be told to come next day between 3-4pm to collect yr Passport.

ؙou will get a token which u need to produce the next day to collect yr passport.

ؔake yr passport, check whether the details are correct and yr all set!!

ؓtart early for return journey to the airport, coz there would be long line at customs declaration, and u would have to fill the I-94 too before boarding the flight.


ؓtay in a hotel near to the consulate.

ؔake a book to read to the consulate if ur going alone, there would be nothing to do during wait.

ؔalk to other people like me who already went for a visa interview to get some new thoughts.


ؐarking is pretty expensive in the downtown, 25$-40$ per day.

ؒenting a car at the Toronto Airport is pretty expensive. (my personal view)

؃abs looked pretty reasonable.

ؕS dollar is accepted everywhere (probably u guys know that).


If u have a new experience, add info & update this doc after your interview, and pass it on.
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