List of recognised universities and colleges in United Kingdom
Available courses for study in United Kingdom.

UK offers very extensive range of courses for higher studies. In this section only the postgraduate courses have been covered. For information about undergraduate courses, our advice will be to visit British Councils website for complete details.

Post graduate degrees in United Kingdom can be categorized in three different categories: degrees in specialized streams, degrees by conversion and degrees by research.

?          Specialization courses can be opted after completion of basic education in first degree or bachelor's program in the related stream. These programs offer advanced education in the area that students will have been expected to gain in their Bachelors degree


?          Conversion means you are opting for specialization in an area that is different from your course of studies in bachelor degree.


?          Research based post graduation programs are based on research conducted in a particular field.

Courses for post graduate studies in United Kingdom can be categorized as:

?             Pre-master's courses

?            Postgraduate certificate or diploma (PG Cert/Dip)

?             Taught master's (MA, MSc, LLM, MEd etc)

?             Research master's (MRes, MPhil)

?             Master of Business Administration (MBA)

?            Doctorate (PhD)

?             New Route PhDs


Following table presents duration and basic qualifications required for these courses:

PG course
Qualification requirement
One term to one complete
academic year
undergraduate degree
plus IELTS 5.0-5.5
PG Cert/PG Dip
Usually one year
undergraduate degree
plus IELTS 6.5-7.0 or a
pre-master's course
Master's degree
Usually one year
first or upper second
class undergraduate
degree plus IELTS 7.0, or
a pre-master's course
Usually one year
first degree, 2-3 year's
business experience,
IELTS 6.5-7.0
Three to four years
master's degree, IELTS
You may get complete details of these courses from the British Councils website. From this website, you can search for the particular course you are interested in, check the recognized universities / colleges offering the course, profile of the universities / colleges, and get further subject info. For some universities you can request for prospectus from here and even you can apply online also. You can use the link provided here Search courses for higher studies in UK.

Study for UK qualification in your own country:

United Kingdom presents a perfect example of leveraging the technology for distance education and e-learning.
UK universities offer following courses in this program:
?        Undergraduate courses
?        International foundation and Pre-masters? programs
?        Postgraduate programs
?        Professional courses

Distance e-learing is becoming a quite popular program for many reasons. More than 200,000 students across the world pursue for higher UK qualifications in their own country and more than 500,000 are enrolled into professional courses.

For complete details please see the ?Study in your own country? section of the educational web site by British Council. There you will find more details on study in United Kingdom...

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