Cost of study in United Kingdom
Funding your study in United Kingdom and Scholarship search
Study cost in United Kingdom will depend on tuition fee for the course of study and the city you are studying in. Tuition fee for courses can vary considerably between institutions and is revised annually.  If you are an international student attending a publicly funded institution, your fee status (whether you pay full-cost fees or a subsidized fee rate) will be determined by the UK institution you plan to attend. The average tuition fee for postgraduate studies is as shown below:

MBA                                                                                                 - £4,000- £30,000
Art & Design, Performing Arts, Lifelong Learning & Education                - £7,000 to £9,900
Science courses, Computing and Business                                          - £7,000 to £12,000
Other Postgraduate programmes                                                         - £7400 to £10,000
Clinical courses                                                                                 - £10,000 to £21,000
For Graduate courses, Universities / colleges will have more flexibility on deciding how much tuition fee to
charge for particular course. This amendment is taking effect from September 2006 and will be applicable
for new students. Universities may charge from zero to £ 3000 for the courses they offer.

Table below shows tuition fee for graduate courses and has been thankfully sourced from ‘
uk’. Maximum tuition fees charged to students starting university or college in 2006/07

                                                         2006/07        2007/08         2008/09*         2009/10*
Where in the UK?         
England                                            £3,000          £3,000           £3,000           -
Wales                                               £1,200          £3,000           £3,000            -
Scotland                                           £1,700          £1,700           £1,700            £1,700
Medicine courses in Scotland          £2,700          £2,700           £2,700            £2,700
Northern Ireland                               £3,000          £3,000           £3,000         _
Funding and scholarships search:
what are the options available for funding in the UK?
List of scholarships.
Overview of scholarships.

Funding for higher studies outside your home country can be very expensive. You need to plan properly
and start exploring all possible sources of funding well ahead in time. Usually you should plan one and half
year in advance. You should not start any higher studies in UK without making sure that you have enough
funds to support your living cost and fee. Most of the time immigration authorities will also check evidences
supporting your claim that you can cover the cost of proposed study.

For your higher studies in UK, you can consider:
•        Self funding if you can afford
•        Scholarships
•        Bank loans for studies

The majority of international students support themselves through private means, usually from a
combination of private savings, loans, or family support. Others get funding by scholarships and awards
that is usually offered by UK government, your home country government, charitable trusts and other
organizations. There are many scholarships offered for studies in UK. As we have mentioned earlier, start
enquiry and application process at least one year in advance.

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