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List of recognized universities by country

There are more than 9700 recognized universities across the world. That means you have plenty of opportunities, but you need to be cautious too. Recently there have been increased reports of fraudulent degrees and institutions. Make sure you are visiting the official website of the institute and also make sure it is recognized by the local government or the respective designated authority of the country.

We suggest you consult the on-line listing of the International Association of Universities
(IAU).  The IAU provides a most comprehensive list of recognised universities throughout the

Please note that IAU themselves are not an accrediting or recognising body. IAU gathers data on institutions which have already been recognised by the relevant authorities in the country concerned and confirm their status before including them in their database. You can search the name of universities by country, from IAU site.

Get the details of that university by copy and paste below. It is always better to add search term
'official site of XYZ' to get right information.