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It is about talent that all human minds have, knowledge and willingness to share.This is a collaborative site, intended to provide guidance by experienced people to the new talented generation, to pursue their site is conceptualised and created by team under guidance of Dr.B.R.Sahu (retired Professor of Chemistry, CMD PG College, Bilaspur) India. Dr. Sahu has served student community for more than 30 years and after retirement, he is engaged in more social work.In our continuous effort to make a truly global informative site, we request and expect your active intellectual contributions. We invite you to be a part of our team.
It is about '.info', not '.com'. Let's use information technology for information purposes.
What we think?
Education is the primary vehicle by which people can lift themselves up and obtain the means to participate constructively in their communities. Economic requirements in some countries, political and ideological goals in other, social and cultural background, all make pressing need to make education more democratic.We, as human beings are part of and linked to all societies in the world. Societies fragmented by ideological, physical and cultural boundaries need to be brought closer.And we believe if we share information and knowledge with others, we will be doing our part. Our intellectual contribution is more important than monetarycontribution.As information and communication technologies open borders, education and knowledge exchange open minds.
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In one word, miracles. You can:

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